Long Range Shooting Basketball Tips to Score Easy 3’s

In today’s basketball game, the three-point shot has become increasingly important. Basketball teams that can shoot well from long range are more likely to win games. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you need to work on your long-range shooting skills as soon as possible. This article will explain why the long range shooting basketball ability is vital and how you can improve this particular skill.

Why is the ability to shoot from long-range important?

There are several reasons why the ability to shoot from long range is essential in basketball. One of them is that it allows you to score points from farther away. Another reason why long-range shooting is vital in basketball is because it can help keep the other team’s defense honest by making them guard players who are far out on the court instead of just guarding those near the basket or baseline (which makes for an easier shot).

Another reason why long-range shooting is essential in basketball is that you can use it to keep your opponents off balance and prevent them from focusing solely on defending the basket. When you can shoot from long range, the other team’s defense has to spread out and cover more of the court. This will open up spaces for your teammates to attack to score points.

This is especially true if you’re playing against a team that likes to pack its defense close to the basket.

how to increase range in basketball

There are several things you may do to extend your shooting range. One thing is to practice your shot from different distances. Another is to use a variety of shots, such as jump shots, set shots, and one-handed shots. You can also try using a backboard to help improve your accuracy.

Another way to improve your long-range shooting is by practicing with a variety of different types of shots. For example, try taking set shots from the free-throw line and then trying them again at half court or even farther away.

Another thing you can do to improve your long-range shooting is use basketball drills that focus on this particular skill. One drill could be to have a teammate toss you the ball from different distances and then count how many shots you can make in a row.

You can also try shooting at a backboard to help improve your accuracy. This can be done by setting up cones or other objects around the three-point line and then trying to shoot through them.

You can increase your shooting range and become a more dangerous player from long range by doing any or all of these things.

Long Range Shooting Basketball

How to maintain shot accuracy when shooting from distance?

One challenge you may face when shooting from long range is maintaining your shot accuracy. One way to help overcome this challenge is by using proper form and technique when shooting. You should also take your time and focus on your shot before taking it.

Another way to maintain your shot accuracy when shooting from long range is practicing with a partner who can give you feedback on whether or not the ball went in or not. You could also use video analysis software such as Homecourt (or any similar program) that monitors how many shots go in and out of bounds during practice sessions to see where your weaknesses are.

Using proper form and technique, taking your time, and practicing with a partner or video analysis software can help maintain your shot accuracy when shooting from long range.

Tips for avoiding common mistakes when shooting from long distance

One common mistake when shooting from a long distance in basketball is not following through with your shot. This can lead to increased errors or missed shots because the ball doesn’t go in the way you want to due to a lack of follow-through on the player’s part (i.e., not extending arms fully). It also causes an unnatural arc that does not allow for proper trajectory when hitting the backboard or rim.

Another common mistake that players make is trying to shoot too hard and not focusing on accuracy, which can lead them off target if they don’t take their time when aiming for a specific spot. This leads them into making poor shots because the ball will go off course due to a lack of control over where it’s going.

To avoid these common mistakes, players should focus on using proper form and technique when shooting from a long distance. They should also take their time and make sure they’re aiming for the right spot to have more control over where the ball goes.

When shooting from long range in basketball, you’ll also need to generate more power in your shot. One way to do this is by using your legs and jumping as high as you can before taking the shot. You can also use your upper body muscles to help generate more power.

By doing either or both of these things, you’ll be able to generate more power in your long-range shots and increase your chances of making them.

How to manage your expectations when shooting from long range in basketball

When shooting from long range, you should remember that it’s not as easy as picking up a ball and shooting it towards the basket. You’ll need to follow proper form, use good technique, and get enough practice to be successful at this skill; otherwise, you’re likely going to miss more shots than you make.

Don’t expect to make every shot you take; instead, focus on making most of them. If you miss a few shots in a row, don’t get discouraged – keep shooting until you make one.

By keeping these things in mind and properly managing your expectations when shooting long-range shots in basketball, you’ll be able to build confidence over time which will help you become a better shooter.


The three-point shot is a critical aspect of the game today, and to be successful, players need to use good form and technique, take their time when aiming, generate more power in their shots.

They should also accept failure as part of the game and not get discouraged if they miss a few shots in a row; progress can only be made with practice. By following these long range shooting basketball tips, players can improve their long-range shooting abilities. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts or ask questions! Share this article with a friend if you found it helpful!

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