Top 11 Best Vertical Jump Programs in 2022 (Expert Review)

It can be tough to improve your vertical jump on your own. You might try practicing jumping rope or doing squats, but it’s hard to know what exercises will give you the best results. You could waste a lot of time and energy doing the wrong exercises or, worse, injuring yourself.

If you’re committed to increasing your vertical jump, it’s best to find a program designed specifically for that purpose. A good program removes the hurdle of finding the right exercises and figuring out the right amount of sets and reps.

So if you’re serious about jumping higher, it’s time to find a vertical jump program that suits you.

We’ve reviewed the 11 best vertical jump programs currently available with a former pro basketball player and now a vertical jump coach.

No time to read? No problem.

Our top 3 vertical jump programs picks:

1.VertShock (Best Overall)

If you’re just starting or looking for an affordable program delivering fast results, Vert Shock will not let you down.

This bodyweight-based workout relies on “Shock Training” to give users rapid gains in strength and power, with each exercise designed for maximum activation of their type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers- the ones responsible for creating fatigue during an intense activity like jumping rope!

Since each exercise relies exclusively on body weight without needing equipment like weights at home (or even outdoors), it’s possible TO DO THIS INDOORS AS WELL!

On top of that, you are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can try this program risk-free.

VertShock is the best vertical jump program for beginners and for fast results.

Check out the complete VertShock review.

2.JumpManual (Best for intermediate level)

The Jump Manual is one of the oldest, but it’s still one of the market’s best value-for-money vertical jump programs.

It has been perfected for over ten years, and thousands have gone through it to become high flyers.

The JumpManual offers a science-based approach to training with simple steps that promote long-term success. It combines plyometrics with weight training. All of this makes this choice great if you want something that covers a little bit of everything when it comes to your vertical jump training!

3.VertCode Elite (Best for advanced level)

The Vert Code Elite is a complex vertical jump training program for experienced athletes. It’s not recommended if you’re new to weight room workouts or have never done strength training or plyometric exercises. It can be time-consuming with all the necessary pieces (exercise equipment, bands, etc.). However, people who love science-related sports studies will find this one rewarding because Paul goes into detail about how jumps are optimized at every stage throughout each workout.

Although very pricey, Vert Code elite is a solid choice for advanced athletes who want to get that competitive edge.

Do vertical jump programs actually work?

VertShock users have reported excellent results from the program; the same goes for those who’ve tried JumpManual.

There are tons of testimonials on their websites, and see how much these programs have helped people.

What’s the catch with these programs?

The only catch is that you must be willing to do the work. These vertical jump programs are not miracle workers and will not do the work for you.

If you’re unwilling to dedicate the time and effort, then don’t expect to see any results.

See success stories here.

Who Should Try a Vertical Jump Training Program?

Almost anyone can benefit from a vertical jump program.

In case you want to improve your vertical jump for basketball, then these programs can definitely help. However, they can also benefit those who wish to improve their jumping ability for other sports such as volleyball or track and field.

In general, every athlete who wants to improve their jumping ability can benefit from vertical jump training.

What to look for in a Vertical Jump Program

Easy to understand and follow

It should be geared towards your level of experience and understanding. Be honest and ask yourself whether or not the program you want to try is too hard for you to comprehend. If you cannot understand the fundamental concepts, it won’t be useful to you.


Some programs can be pretty expensive. If you’re working with a tight budget, look for something affordable. There are a couple of great options that won’t break the bank. If you decide to go for a more expensive program, ensure you’ve done your research before making the investment.

Make sure you have the time, skills, resources, and know-how to complete the program.

You don’t want to start something you won’t be able to finish. If you’re unsure whether you can commit to a vertical jump program, it’s best to look for something else. There’s no point in starting something if you’re going to give up halfway through. Before beginning any program, ensure you have everything you need to see it through to the end. Always check if you need access to a gym or specific equipment. Ask yourself if you have the time to commit to the program 100%.

Some programs are more demanding than others. If you’re unwilling to do the extra work, look for something less time-consuming. There’s no benefit in picking a program that requires 3 hours of training per day if you can only commit to 1 hour. Be realistic and honest about the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in.

Media Type

How the program is delivered can matter greatly, depending on each person’s needs. Make sure you choose a format that is easy for you to understand and follow. If you’re not a fan of reading, look for something that comes in video format. On the other hand, if you prefer written instructions, make sure the program you pick has a PDF or text component.

If the program format doesn’t bother you, you shouldn’t obsess about this too much.

Extra Materials and bonuses

Some programs come with additional resources like a logbook or cards. These can help keep track of your progress or exercises. Other programs come with diet tips or muscle recovery guides. If the program you’re interested in doesn’t have any bonus materials, that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker. However, it is something to keep in mind.

Taking all of these factors into account, you should easily be able to decide what’s the best vertical jump program for you.

Top Vertical Jump Programs 2022

Program Name PricePerfect ForGym/Court/ Gear Required?Days Per WeekDuration Rating
#1 Vert Shock$67 BeginnersNo4-68 Weeks4.7/5
#2 The Jump Manual$97IntermediateYes/No412 Weeks4.5/5
#3 Vert Code Elite$275AdvancedYes4-612 Months4.5/5
#4 T.H.P$100/mnthAdvancedYes4-6Ongoing4.4/5
#5 The Flight System$134AdvancedYes4-612 Weeks4.0/5
#6 AT.G$49.50/mnthAdvancedYes3-512 Weeks +4.0/5
#5 BounceKit$77AdvancedYes5/1012 Weeks3.9/5
#8 BoingVert$27AdvancedNo4-68 Weeks3.7/5
#9 Flight School$29.99AdvancedYes/No4-68 Weeks3.2/5
#10 Nick Briz$67N/ANoN/AOngoing1.7/5
#11 Nathanael MortonFREEIntermediateNo4-620-weeks4.0/5
Best Vertical Jump Programs

1.Vert Shock

Vert Shock integrates the latest plyometric vertical jumping methods to help you add up to 9 – 15 inches to your vertical jump in just eight weeks. This is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly programs on the market.

The program essentially teaches you how to “re-train” your nervous system to fire your muscles more rapidly and with more force. This results in a significant increase in power and explosiveness, leading to a better vertical jump. The best part is that it doesn’t require any type of weight training (although they added this as an option) or gym access.

VertShock consists of 3 phases which together add up to 8 weeks of training:




The workouts are short and take only 30 minutes to complete, but they are very intense!

Due to the high intensity of the activities, this program isn’t the best option for older individuals.

Overall, VertShock is your best choice if you just start or want results as quickly as possible. It’s also one of the few jump programs on the list offering a money-back guarantee.

We’ve done an in-depth review on VertShock in case you are still not convinced it’s the right choice.

Get VertShock

2.Jump Manual

Jump Manual is a very comprehensive program that will teach you everything there is to know about increasing your vertical jump.

The author, Jacob Hiller, has been working in this field for years and knows his stuff.

The Jump Manual workout program lasts three months, but it is broken up into 14 -day cycles that players do continuously while gradually increasing weight over time.

Hiller spent years researching the most effective training routines for increasing vertical jump height. He distilled his findings into an easy-to-follow 14-day training cycle that anyone can do!

This vertical jump program is a solid choice for you if:

  • You are an older individual
  • You are injury prone, or you have just recovered from an injury
  • You prefer a long-term approach to vertical training.

All in all, the Jump Manual provides amazing value for the price, and it’s one of the most comprehensive programs you can get as well as VertShock also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which lets you try it out with no risk.

Get The Jump Manual

3.The Vert Code Elite

Vert Code Elite is a comprehensive, science-based vertical jump training program that offers 12 months of progressive, step-by-step instruction. The program is designed to be followed in a gym setting, with access to a pool and basketball court. High-quality demonstration videos are available for each exercise, along with detailed written instructions. In addition, one-on-one coaching is available to help you progress through the program and achieve your goals.

Vert Code-Elite can be considered the ultimate destination for the athlete with years of training experience looking to gain that competitive edge. The program compounds for a total of 12 phases, each lasting for four weeks.

Throughout the year, Vert Code-Elite will aid in developing a powerful body and then help you progress towards improving mobility, strength, and reactiveness of the muscles used for jumping.

Paul Fabritz, the creator of the program, puts a lot of effort into explaining the proper jump mechanics required to jump higher. He covers everything in such detail that it might even get overwhelming at times 🙂

Vert Code Elite is one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced, vertical jump programs.

However, take into consideration that you will need access to a handful of things such as:

  • resistance bands
  • cable weights
  • free-weights
  • foam rollers
  • pool

Besides the stuff mentioned above, be prepared to invest some time as well cause the workouts last between 1 and 1/2 hours on most days.

The price of Vert Code Elite makes it one of the most expensive programs on the market at 275$, which is justified for such a well-developed program.

Overall, if you are an experienced individual willing to invest significant time and money into your vertical jump development, Vert Code Elite might be your program.


Shawn Myszka and Kelly Baggett have put serious effort into developing all sorts of training programs for basketball players. One of the early versions of BoingVert was a long-term program lasting up to 7 months. It wasn’t bad but not great, so they decided to develop something new.

Their newest program, BoingVert Beast, is very similar to Vert Shock. It lasts eight weeks, doesn’t require any equipment, and provides much of everything.

Their approach is to give as much data as possible about all the factors that may impact your vertical jump.

They claim their program is “different,” but it seems this is just a copy of VertShock with the same promises, only more overwhelming information. This specific program is also quite new, so there aren’t too many people that can attest if it works or not.

Even though their former vert programs were decent in quality, I’d steer clear of BoingVert for now and choose something that works.

5.Bounce Kit

BounceKit is a 12-week long program split into three different phases. Jordan Kilganon, a professional dunker, created this vertical jump program. BounceKit provides great quality demonstration videos for each exercise.

The exercise selection made by Jordan is not bad (except for the fact that he advises doing sumo deadlifts, which in my opinion, aren’t necessary for most athletes). However, something that caught my eye was the reps amount and rest time for certain exercises. Jumping in the air once and then resting for 40 seconds seems odd.

BouncKit will for sure get you some results, but keep in mind that this program is suited only for advanced athletes and requires access to a gym for the most part. At 77$, Jordan Kiliganon’s program is not the most expensive, but it’s still quite a lot considering you don’t get as many bonuses as VertShock, which is also cheaper.

6.The Flight System

The Flight System by OTA is yet another 12-week program divided into 3 phases.

Eccentric Phase

Isometric Phase

Concentric Phase

Each phase is four weeks long and becomes progressively more difficult. The first phase (eccentric) focuses on building strength and power. The second phase (isometric) emphasizes improving your ability to generate force. The third and final phase (concentric) helps you develop the explosive power needed to jump higher.

This program will get your lower body as well as your upper body stronger. The downsides of this program are the price (134$) and the fact that you have to pay extra for resources such as the “Performance Diet,” which you would expect to get as a bonus for the price you are paying.

Nonetheless, The Flight System won’t disappoint in terms of results. It’s not a bad choice if you have the budget and are already at an advanced level.

7.Flight School

The Flight School vertical jump training program is one of the most popular and effective training systems. It is based on the principle of plyometrics, which are explosively powerful movements that help athletes build strength and power. It lasts for eight weeks and is one of the cheapest programs on the market at 29.99$

Unlike other programs, this one won’t walk you through every detail. You will have to figure out some stuff alone.

They don’t provide training videos, only images, which seem a bit old school if you ask me.

On top of that, they suggest googling the exercises to understand how to perform them (I’m not kidding). Exercise periodization is also very poor, which sinks this program even lower.

I’m a huge fan of Anthony Lugo and Josh Levitan (the creators), but the program itself is not that great, in my opinion.

There are many issues with it, so I suggest saving some money and getting one of the top 3 programs.

8.Nick Briz Vertical Jump Program

Comparing this program to any others on the list would be unfair. You are paying 67$ for a program that consists mainly of jump sessions. This product is disappointing and seems like a lazy attempt to make money.

This program has no structure, no guidance, and is repetitive.

You’ll get eight short videos with generic advice on what he thinks will increase his vertical.

At least he is being honest, doesn’t pretend to be a jump expert, and tries to teach what has worked for him.

“Sets are up to you,” and you should just do “as many as you can.” That is essentially what Nick is going to teach you in his program.

I would not recommend it to anyone looking for an actual vertical jump program. Save your money, and don’t bother with this program.

9.ATG Vertical Jump Program By Ben Patrick “Knees Over Toes Guy” 

Ben Patrick, also known as the “knees over toes guy,” isn’t a fan of traditional thinking. He believes we should be training our knees through every range of motion possible for them to remain healthy throughout life and perform better when exercising or sporting activities.

His company, The Athletic Truth Group (ATG), has created an online coaching system that strives to improve knee health and develop athleticism by slowly working people through a series of “standards.”

There are three programs to choose from: Knee Ability Zero, Dense Strength, and Standards Program.

The ATG program requires that you meet specific physical “Standards” before progressing to the next level-which, which slowly prepares the body for more intense future sessions and reduces the risk of injuries.

For example, one of the “standards” is doing a single leg back extension with 50% body weight (3 sets of 10 reps) while maintaining proper form.

The program is expensive compared to other vertical jump training systems, but it may be worth the investment if you have had previous knee injuries or want to take extra care of your knees.

You will need specific equipment for this program, detailed on the ATG website.

If you struggle with knee injuries or want to be extra cautious with your knees, this may be the program for you. However, it might not be the most effective system for those looking to improve their vertical leap.

10.THP Strength Vertical Jump Program By Isaiah Rivera 

Isaiah Rivera teamed up with Connor Barth and John Evans to bring us one of the most acclaimed programs on the market.

One of the first things you will notice about this program is the price. Coming in at 100$ per month, yes, you heard that right, this is potentially the most expensive program you can find online.

They provide a unique approach to training. Before getting access to the program, you must fill out a form. This is done to design a custom workout routine that will target your specific weaknesses.

Next, you will get a week full of workouts(done for you) in the app. Why are they doing this? Maybe because they want to see how you progress and adapt the training if needed.

This program also puts a lot of emphasis on joint health by tracking it daily. They want to ensure that your vertical jump always increases while tendon pain remains low.

THP is one of the more advanced programs out there, and you get what you pay for.

The selection of exercises is top-notch, and the periodization is very solid. If you are willing to spend the money, this program will not disappoint.

11.Best Free Vertical Jump Program: Nathanael Morton

This list couldn’t have ended without a free program.

Nathanael Morton is a YouTuber who creates videos on everything related to strength training, vertical jump, nutrition, and mindset.

His free bodyweight-only program can be done at home and lasts between 20-24 weeks. It also includes adding dumbbells and resistance bands to your workouts. Many of his viewers have reported good results from this program.

Because this is free, you will only get value out of it, so I highly encourage you to try it in case you have no budget to spend on something like VertShock or JumpManual.

Here is how you can get Nathanael Morton’s free program.


How High Can an Average Person Jump?

The average person can jump about 2 feet high. However, this number will differ based on age, gender, and fitness level.

How to Measure Vertical Jump?

There are multiple ways to measure your vertical jump. One way is to use a device called a Vertec. This tool consists of a series of vertical poles you jump up and touch with your hand.

Another way to measure your vertical leap is using a simple tape measure. Place the tape measure on the ground, next to a wall. Reach up and mark the highest point you can touch on the wall. Measure the distance from the ground to this mark to get your vertical jump height.

How Fast Can I Increase My Vertical Jump?

The speed at which you can increase your vertical jump will depend on many factors, including your age, genetics, and training program. However, most people can expect significant improvements within 6-12 weeks of consistent training.

What exercise increases vertical jump the most?

No one exercise will increase your vertical jump the most. However, exercises that target your legs and core, such as squats and lunges, will help you acquire the explosive power needed to jump higher.

Is a 25-inch vertical jump good?

A 25-inch vertical jump would be considered very good for a normal person. However, this number would be considered average for someone looking to compete in a sport such as basketball or volleyball.

How can I increase my vertical jump for dunking?

Dunking requires a lot of explosive power. To increase your vertical leap for dunking, you should focus on exercises that target your legs and core. You should also get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet to support your training.


There you have it! These are 11 of the best vertical jump programs out there. Pick one that best suits your needs and budget, and get on your journey to a higher vertical jump.

Something that’s worked for many people is to start with a beginner-friendly program like VertShock and then move on to something more advanced like The Jump Manual or VertCode.

Whatever vertical jump training program you pick, stay consistent with your training and don’t give up. With enough effort and long-term dedication, you’ll be surprised at how much your vertical jump can improve.

If you found this helpful, check out our other guides on the vertical jump topic as well!

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