Is Vertical Jump Genetic? The Answer Might Surprise You
You may have seen those internet ads promising that you can increase your vertical jump by X inches in just a couple of weeks. You might be wondering if that’s even possible....
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How to Measure Vertical Jump with Or without Equipment(2022)
Vertical jump measurement is critical in many sports, including basketball, football, and volleyball. The military also uses it to test potential recruits for physical fitness. The...
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Plyometrics for Vertical Jump: 13 Most Effective Exercises
You’ve been working on your vertical jump for a while now, but you feel like you’re hitting a plateau. You don’t know what exercises to do to continue progressing....
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Top 16 Exercises to Dunk as Fast as Possible
It can be challenging to dunk if you don’t know what exercises to do. You might spend hours in the gym trying to figure out how to jump higher, but you won’t see any results....
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Top 11 Best Vertical Jump Programs in 2022 (Expert Review)
It can be tough to improve your vertical jump on your own. You might try practicing jumping rope or doing squats, but it’s hard to know what exercises will give you the best results....
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How to Jump Higher to Dunk: From Dream to Reality
It can be frustrating trying to learn how to dunk. You see all these guys who are way shorter than you effortlessly getting up and throwing it down while you struggle to reach the rim....
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